A couple of formatting errors on channel page (things covering each other):

Channel sharing features needed:

To give you an idea of the kind of features needed in order to be able to best use a channel sharing feature, please take a look at this mockup of model dashboard channel sharing feature.

Models can see a list of channels they’re guest of, with percentage they get, price per minute (in points) and ability to cancel or message the channel owner. Pending invitations also have “Approve” button (link) and are marked “pending”.

Models can see a list of guest models they’re sharing their own channels with percentage guest models get, price per minute (in points), and cancel and message buttons (or links).

In addition, a model should be able to assign a percentage that goes to the guest model, instead of it being automatically equally shared (a well known model with a large audience might want to invite a lesser known model, but not give them equal amount). This percentage should be adjustable per model, to allow for negotiation.

During the shared show, in the shared broadcast interface the guest model should be able to see the show rate and percentage they get.

Additional shortcodes

–Need a shortcode to embed  a single model’s channel/teaser video if one exists (for top of model profile page, where large image is now profile sample). The way shortcode would work: [ shortcodename user_id=1  channel=1 ]: shortcode basic function – goes through all channels of a single model, detects and chooses to display in descending order  of importance
1) if one channel  is currently in live show
2) if teaser video existschannel=1
3) everything else equal, displays the first channel

If channel is selected in shortcode by channel=1 attribute, the above selection is limited to that particular channel only.

Studio dashboard

A studio functionality and dashboard are usually considerably more extensive – it includes total show income and payouts for/by all models and income broken down by model, as well as the ability to access model’s dashboards & profiles. Due to a number of plugins this relates to, I presume we have to write part of this functionality ourselves. Could you please let me know which hook to use to access the list of all models and their user ids of a particular studio? We should be able to take it from there…

Here’s an example of industry standard studio dashboard look and functionality:

Picture gallery

Please see sample of current image gallery here:
I’ve tested the new picture gallery interface and have a couple of comments:

Upload interface:
-Could Ajax remove the list of images uploaded when the upload is finished? Right now, it’s not completely clear that anything happened if the list is long and the uploaded photos appear below (off screen). So basically, the same refresh that displays the “processing” thumbnails should remove the upload list with green upload progress bars once the upload is finalized.

-Could Gallery name be a single gallery name (no comma separated entries), so we don’t confuse the users? We don’t want people uploading same images in multiple galleries, that kind of defeats the purpose of having separate galleries :-).

-Is there a way to make category display optional in admin? All users (webcams) can already be found by categories, and this is extra work for user and somewhat superfluous. A user’s profile is already categorized, and their images will fit that categorization.

Image display:
-Thumbnails should link to image files, not attachments. This allows for integration with many WP lightbox and image display plugins which solves a myriad of display issues – users will want to be able to scroll through images, images will always fit the screen size, we’d be able to integrate image ratings and comments for community building purposes etc etc.

-Any particular reason upload is not handled through WP functionality? If it were, we (and others) would be able to display thumbnails according to sizes preset in WP and determine if we want them cropped, stretched (current case that is distorting the image – not a good solution for many), as well as the quality of thumbnails – current ones are very, very large… WP creates considerably smaller image size. I suspect the thumbnail creation would be much faster too, and this would produce all image sizes needed (medium, large, full, whatever is determined in WP) as well. This would conserve bandwidth and improve both viewer and admin/user experience, too.

Pricing images: We’re not going to be using the pay-per-image functionality (we’ll handle access to entire section through s2member), but just a comment that the price should probably be handled once for the entire gallery access – pricing per image is not practical for users, they’ll have to repeat the same process for all images in a single gallery… pricing per video is a great option, but images are usually not done per single image…

Video upload issue?

I uploaded a 19 Mg mpg video though your video upload interface. After waiting about 45 minutes, the video still doesn’t play. I got the image preview, but the first time I load the page, I get the error message below, when I reload the page, I get the player, but the loader circle just keep turning and video never plays. See here.

Mobile presentation

I’ve checked the mobile access to broadcast interface, and while video quality is quite decent even over data connection, the interface itself is unfortunately not adequate. There is no chat capability or other buttons. Please take a look at http://cams.com (any of the live models) on a mobile phone to see the standard capabilities – there’s a simple but effective chat interface. A whole lot of traffic to cam sites these days come from mobile devices, according to my customer whose models deal with hundreds of customers across several cam networks.